Is it possible to create a free business website?

Free Business Website

Now, an entrepreneur can always start his online venture without paying a dime. May be the tools or the services he gets without a penny are not the best available in the market, but they definitely are something you can start with. Even a small business owner can start a free business website online. He can try to populate his website until his ecommerce site generates revenue. A populated free business website always gets better result when you add paid services and features to the website. The free tools and resources don’t have full control and features

but you can’t deny their usefulness anyway. But I always recommend using this free business website concept for test purposes and starter business management purposes.
When you are about to create a free business website, you need a platform where you can build one. For a small new business website, wordpress is the best content management program. This can help you get noticed in Google’s eyes. There are free hosting services, some sub domain names, or some cheap domain names which you can choose to start with. WordPress websites are highly appreciated in the search engines and you can optimize your site in a click or two.
Creating a free business website is usually an easy task to accomplish. You can set up the site within a few minutes and adding some information to your site will do the rest of the jobs. Even if you want some delicate contents, such as polls, contact forms, or newsletter, you can use the numerous wordpress plug ins mostly available free. I recommend you to create the free business website first and then add some premium features to that gradually. This will help you to get the premium platforms you have been looking for.
There are some special websites that offer free business website under the ecommerce category. Wazala is a website where you can start selling products at lower cost (free upto 5 products). What you need is a google checkout account or paypal business account. Things are simple here, but even in this case chances are, you get better sales for premium services.
Once you have built a free business website, time to get people visiting your site. You can avail cheaper SEO services available in the marketplaces around. Thousands of resources will help you learn the basic SEO techniques and market your site and product. You can start the basic SEO concepts to help your free business website grow.
Some social media websites are highly important for you because people are always in these websites to surf web. You will find thousands of targeted visitors in no time. Facebook and Twitter play very important role in availing visitors to the websites. What you can do is create a fan business page to promote your small business website. Once your business has grown up, you can charge yourself with quick cash and you can go for the premium support to flourish your business online.