How to optimize a wordpress blog for search engines

Search engines

As a CMS, wordpress is naturally optimized on-page for the search engines. But you have to optimize a wordpress blog to get better results, no doubt. Today, the internet community has become competitive and more challenging to establish a new site. So, you must go an extra mile to get your site noticed by the search engines and rank high gradually. If you want to optimize a wordpress blog, the best way is to take advantage of the in-built settings and options. The CMS offers numerous plugins for optimization. Just using the methodically you can

expect great results in the shortest time possible. Before you move on and optimize a wordpress blog for the search engines, you have to consider a few things very carefully.
First thing is associated with the basic marketing process and ideology. You have to do basic keyword research before you optimize a wordpress blog. The kw research can be simple, but you have to be detailed with the results and potentials. And add one more thing, you should add privacy settings in a way so that the website is published online. You have to make sure that your site is visible in the eyes of search engines. Before you start working with the plugins, make sure that your websites have the basic settings updated. You have to consider first, to optimize a wordpress blog, it’s important to care for the general settings.
Processes step by step
First log into your website, your wordpress dashboard has a tab named settings. In here, choose the general tab. Here you have to modify the title and description of your site. Make sure that your site title and description contains the target keyword. Your description should be very relevant and also alluring as this will drag visitors to your site. The search engines show a snippet for a site from where you can learn about the contents of a website. Once you have done with the titles and descriptions, you should change the permalink style. You should choose it like this: first select custom and then type this: /%postname%/.
These basic settings are simple and you might have mistaken them as unimportant tasks to do. But, I want to tell you one thing; this should be the most important task when you are about to optimize a wordpress blog for the search engines. The plug ins are very easy to install and they are also easier to set up. But when you are doing SEO, and left your settings unchanged, the plug ins are of no use.
Optimize a wordpress blog with ALL-IN-ONE-SEO plugin
At this moment, a single plugin installed in your wordpress site will do the rest. Just install the all in one seo plugin in your site and once done, you have the option to do seo on-page for each of the posts individually. You have two more tasks to accomplish; first you should create a xml sitemap of your blog and submit it to the search engines. This will drag the crawlers to your site and secondly, you should get some SEO-able images in your site tagged with the posts. Once done, your on-site optimization is completed.


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